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Web Development

The most important element for your business to have a perfect web presence is a website. A website acts as a central core where all roads in your business lead back to your website making it the focal point for all marketing efforts.
We are an amazing in-house development team, but we don’t just focus on technology. Instead we are focused more on an organization’s strategic business objectives and what you need to create a successful online venture.

Web Design

we do not use generic ready made templates. We design custom made websites
that are built with the unique needs of our customers in mind. And before we begin with the design process, thorough research is done of what the end user is trying to achieve. We guarantee that they can seemingly find the content and get involved with the business via the website through proper ‘call to actions’ and captivating marketing messages.

CMS Development

Content Management System is the most popular software being employed today. It helps you manage pages and track every piece of information on the website which is similar to using a library filled with books and managing them. The content on the web pages can be a simple text, documents, images, videos or it can be anything. CMS requires no technical knowledge or skill to manage and maintain it, as everything about your content is taken care of by CMS.
Websites developed with Content Management Systems are very simple, easy to use and also offer the flexibility to customize the website. It gives a huge boost to small business or organization that does not have a massive tech budget

eCommerce Store

Building successful eCommerce online stores is in our DNA.

eCommerce websites have evolved drastically from a simple virtual platform to mainstream necessity. Apart from having your products and services online, a great eCommerce online store is something that converts the uninterested user into a potential buyer and uninterested visitors into repeated customers. As eCommerce experts that is what we do.

We at  specialize in offering custom eCommerce development and cost-effective solutions to control both customers and business processes effectively. We customize your online business to increase:

  1. Traffic
  2. Site Engagement
  3. Conversion
  4. Customer Loyalty
  5. Revenue & Profitability

eCommerce solutions include important features which can be customized and integrated with your eCommerce website:

  1. Page Administration
  2. Call to action Slideshow
  3. Shop Products and Categories
  4. Payment Gateways
  5. Shipping/Delivery
  6. Search Engine Optimization
  7. Order Management
  8. Gift Certificate and Coupon
  9. Security and Encryption
  10. Account Registration

We also develop custom extensions, plugins and modules into your platform that most of your other competitors are unaware about or do not have the capability to perform.

How do we do it?

  1. We keep our ears wide open to listen to your needs
  2. We try to understand who your online shoppers are and what they want
  3. Our store designs exactly deliver what you want

eCommerce websites are a two way street, a place where your customers can browse and where you can communicate with them. So, everything we do is user-centric and retailer–driven, that is why hundreds of sellers choose us to help them take a slice of the trillion dollar eCommerce pie.

We also employ and customize open source eCommerce platforms such as Magento, OsCommerce, Zen Cart,Prestashop,Open cart and X-Cart for rapid and cost-efficient production.

Framework Solutions

Web Development Frameworks

Whether you are looking to build a tech-set up or improve your organization’s online presence, you are sure to come across two main constraints. The first is limited budget and the second, a stipulated timeframe. An ideal solution to overcome these obstacles is Web Development Framework.

A PHP Web Development Framework offers:

  1. Data Persistence
  2. Session Management and User Authentication
  3. Security
  4. Caching
  5. Templating
  6. Administrative Interface

Laravel Framework :If you are looking to give your business that extra edge, Laravel framework is the most liked and cost-effective framework that perfectly fits the need of Rapid Application Development. One of the most interesting features of this framework is that you can easily customize your application as per changing business requirements

YII Framework :If you are looking to give your business that extra edge, Yii framework is the most liked and cost-effective framework that perfectly fits the need of Rapid Application Development. One of the most interesting features of this framework is that you can easily customize your application as per changing business requirements

Zend Framework :This PHP framework is a prime choice for many small as well as big businesses. Deployed by number of banks and well known companies including BBC, Zend Framework has countless benefits and enterprise capabilities which make it the most capable PHP framework available in the market.

Code Igniter :CodeIgniter is based on the MVC concept which helps to create dynamic websites in a simple way. This PHP framework also supports enterprise applications. If you are looking for quality CI services right within your reach, our CodeIgniter programmers can transform innovative and exemplifying concepts of web apps to reality.

CakePHP :Organizations that prefer rapid application development, CakePHP is yet another amazing PHP framework that makes web applications simpler, faster and requires less coding. It contains amazing inbuilt tools that keep your application safe and secure.

Phonegap :With a lot of businesses focusing on developing iOS and Android apps, you may reach just NINE out of TEN users. Why not go for TEN on TEN? That’s the beauty of PhoneGap Development. Now, get your business in the hands of all mobile users having different OS supporting devices.

.Net Framework : With every new versions of .net framework, it continues to lead the businesses worldwide to newer horizons. The .Net Framework is leading the IT world because of its two vital components namely emerging new technologies for creating light-weight standardized application and creating experience across various windows devices globally.

MVC Architecture:  Today, Time and money are the pivotal constraints hindering the business world. That is why various enterprise applications are in the market helping business to reach customers. But are these web or mobile applications developed using foundation stone- MVC? If No, then use it because MVC abbreviated as Model View Controller is a base of all software projects from business perspective.

Software Development

Need a Software System on time, on budget? We can make it happen.

From small business to big enterprise, a well designed software application can make a huge difference to the efficient running of any organization. Having your own software helps manage information the way you want such as managing clients easily- adding, editing and searching their detailed information in seconds. Adding orders, invoices, jobs and fetching previous client history is also possible as per your convenience. In this way you do lose track of the information. Our mission is to make great bespoke software systems. Our software development team use industry-standard technologies ( C#, VB.Net, Java, MySQL, MS Access, etc.) and follow an agile approach to design, develop or support virtually any type of business app that is build for the digital environment. With over many years of collective experience in Custom Software Development, we also offer the following services that enable your organization to streamline efficiency, increase productivity and do work in a smarter way:

Benefits of our services:

  1. Own the source code to the software
  2. Have a software that exactly fits your business
  3. Involve users and stakeholder in the app design process
  4. Customize your software easily as your organization evolves
  5. Automate time consuming processes and cut down cost
  6. Gain extra edge over your competitors


Game Development

Whether it’s an App store, Google Play or Windows Store, a gamer is always in the hunt to explore new games they haven’t seen before. Even adults and children are bored playing games built with the same concept.

Sciecore is your only game development destination where new and fresh ideas are born. Employing the latest development tools (Corona, SDK, OpenGL Unity, Game Salad, Phonegap, Adobe, etc.), we create engaging games for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Web, PC-based and consoles with a creative mindset and compelling storytelling

Custom Game Development – Your Idea, Our Expertise

We have great user interface and user experience team that develop games for key platforms:

  1. iPhone
  2. iPad
  3. Android
  4. Windows
  5. Web
  6. Computer
  7. Social Media
  8. Consoles

Whether you are looking to make mobile games for children or more complex level desktop games, we know what gamers of today expect. The reason why we are able to create successful entertainment games is we follow a simple, straight forward approach from idea to design, development and then deployment.

Mobile Apps

Custom Mobile Application Development – Putting Business in ‘Motion Mode’

Mobile applications are evolving to take advantage of the situation or the context. Forward looking organizations are looking to simplify their ability to deliver values, both to their employees and clients. These organizations need a partner that’s goingto be there with them through the transition to Mobile. Whether you are an individual, an agency or in business,sciecore is a tremendous partner to serve landscape of needs including app development, security, testing, system management, etc.

We have great user interface and user experience team that develop app on  key platforms:

  1. iPhone
  2. iPad
  3. iOS
  4. Android
  5. Phonegap

Home Automation solutions:

We provide best solutions for home automation. We give a better solution for home automation using different technology.


IT Hardware and software supports

Information technology security for every type of business and software.Hardware,Network,Internet security.

IT Support  and maintenance for every type of business.IT support for existing infrastructure or build new IT Infrastructure.Provide maintenance for Hardware,Network  and software