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Custom Solutions

Radiology Software with reporting :

Our radiology solutions is very useful to radiologist who diagnosed patient and provide report to patient or physician. we made reporting very easy for radiologist  to type and it save time of radiologist.Our solutions has billing and reporting system .SMS facility is integrated with software to send sms to patient to inform.

Dental Practice Management Solution:

Our Dental practice management solutions has all necessary features for dental practitioner.Our solutions has billing , appointment, Patient follow up visit, treatment plan and teeth chart features .

IPTV Middleware Solution:

Mobile and TV IPTV is a technology that enables users to transmit and receive multimedia traffic including video, audio, text and graphic services through IP-based wired and wireless networks, with support for Quality of Service, Quality of experience, security, mobility, and interactive functions. Through Mobile IPTV, users can view IPTV services using a mobile device.

Vehicle Tracking solutions:

Sciecore is one-stop solution for intelligent GPS tracking and fleet management system. We work with our customers to create and operate well-organized fleet operations so that it can meet their specific requirements. Our services provide the benefits of real-time tracking, allowing business to measure the efficiency, service and overall performance of their drivers. Our tracking system is designed to make the fleet as simple and effective as possible. Whether you want to reduce your fuel costs, know where your drivers are or improve your customer services, you will be able to monitor all from your comfort zone. Besides, we also provide daily reports so that you can be 100% confident at all times.

Online Taxi booking and Dispatch system:

We have expertise in developing online taxi booking and taxi dispatch system.

If you want to grow your business or start new taxi business we will help you to run business smoothly with below necessary app,and modules features:

  1. Mobile apps for customers
  2. Driver app
  3. Driver management
  4. Powerful analytics
  5. Integrated CRM
  6. Secure and reliable

Online product design:

We have expertise in developing  online design software that will help you stand apart from your competitors. This feature-rich, online designer tool enables customers to customize the look and feel of any product of their choice. Using this tool they can add their favorite images, messages, clipart and much more. The custom product designer tool is user friendly and can be used not only on desktops and laptops but also on all hand-held devices including tablets.User can design tshirt,mug,frames,canvas.etc…

Energy Management Systems;

We provide best solution for energy management . It is use full to observe energy consumption as well how can we save energy and from different places. We also provide data analysis for different energy sources like electricity,gas and temperature,humidity sensors…


We offer fully customized and high performance CRM software solution that is developed by highly qualified developers. Our Customer Relation Management software allows all businesses from small size to large scale to maintain all customer records at single and centralized location. We offer comprehensive web based software solution including designing and development, implementation, consulting and maintenance. Our CRM software is very simple to use and easy to install.
Why choose our CRM software?

  1. Best CRM software at affordable prices
  2. Cloud Access Connectivity
  3. Automated Backup facility for database
  4. Email & SMS Facility
  5. Daily work reports to clients
  6. Quick project delivery with faultless solution
  7. Deep Knowledge and rich experience in CRM software
  8. Account Management

Our services have been highly acclaimed by our clients as we:

  1. Boost customer satisfaction and also ensure that your good reputation in the marketplace continues to grow.
  2. Identify the needs more effectively by understanding specific requirements
  3. Increase value from the existing customers and reduce costs associated with supporting and servicing them
  4. Increase your sales graph by focusing only on the profitable customers and dealing with the unprofitable in the more cost effective ways.


Management Information Software, which is often abbreviated to MIS, is a method of using the technology that helps organizations to better manage people and make informed decisions. Not only it includes the software system but the entire set of business processes that are imperative for the success and growth of an organization. A quality MIS enables to make decisions on an informed stance rather than a chaotic one. It presents the data in a user-friendly manner, which allows the middle and upper level managers to take appropriate decisions. The entire system is designed in a way that helps your company to meet its strategic as well as its tactical goals.
How it works?

The chief component of a MIS is to assist a manager in taking an action, answer a question or ask the right questions. This includes

  1. Would it be better to add staff in the beginning or at the end of manufacturing process?
  2. What is the most efficient way to use our space?
  3. What hours have the most customers in order to provide adequate staff to serve them?

If in any case, the target is not going to be met, the manager and the group can review the past actions and make necessary changes to sales and meet goals.


Human Resource Management is a process of procuring, developing and maintaining competent workforce to achieve the goals of an organization in an effective and efficient manner. It is the function within an organization that mainly focuses on recruitment, management and the issues related to the people like hiring, compensation, performance management, safety, wellness, employee motivation, administration and training.

We provide comprehensive HRM services that help business to achieve its goals and objectives, irrespective of its size. Our total commitment to excellent customer service, proven product knowledge and best practices have cemented our reputation as a reliable, trustworthy and highly competitive company.

Our Value Proposal

  1. Powerful human resource management tools to make informed decisions.
  2. Less paperwork and more accurate records
  3. Consistent evaluation and up-gradation of technology
  4. Streamlining of business operations, centralizing work flow and reduction in costs
  5. Core research on HR concepts
  6. A rich blend of project management expertise

Assest Management

Asset management system is basically the management of physical asset including financial investments, technology, production machines and other substantial supplies. Such management of assets enables an organization to examine the needs and performance of assets at different levels.

asset management strategy sets out the vision, core values and objectives that shape the framework for the preparation of asset management. We provide a tailor-made, technical and operational support service to improve everyday running of property assets and public infrastructure. By using innovative delivery models, utilizing multi-skilled facilities and maintenance teams, we offer our clients a one-stop solution for asset management services.

Our specialists work as a team to set financial goals, review projections and analyzing current and past data. We cover many areas like education, local authority, health care, government, commercial and many more.

We focus on numerous tasks that highlight various disciplines such as:

  1. Evaluating and revising financial reporting requirements
  2. Analyzing failing systems and outdated facilities
  3. Developing computer applications for geographic information system, billing and utility management
  4. Applying appropriate techniques in financial management, project management, maintenance, real property management, space occupancy and environmental compliance.

We offer a wide range of services in properly keeping track and recording all the assets of clients. This includes:

  1. Data and system management
  2. Asset register
  3. Work flow and business procedures
  4. Information technology and system integration

Security Management

We specialize in providing with intelligent security systems that meets the variegated requirements of our clients.

We provide a wealth of services to the people just like you who are concerned about their business and its properties. This includes Database storage server, Background service, history, Remote Installation, single minute update, etc. Our services always help you to step in the right direction when it comes to safety and security. We never start any project before consulting with you about the types of equipment that you need to install anywhere in your property. This allow you to order the cameras for surveillance, digital video records and other important things with ease that you need to get started with. Our responsibility doesn’t end by just installing the surveillance system. We are also available round the clock to solve all your queries that you might have with the system. Whether you have an advanced question or you simply like to hear a little bit more about the things that are available for you, we help you every step of the way.

Accounts Systems

Our accounting system seamlessly combine core accounting functions including account receivables, general ledger, accounts receivables and payable with strong compliance management, flexible revenue recognition capabilities, sophisticated expense management, multi-currency transactions and revaluation capabilities.


  1. Provide comprehensive accounting-related reports
  2. A complete financial reporting that includes income statements, balance sheets and cash flow reporting
  3. Total visibility to every transaction along with a detailed trail that shows the time of each entry
  4. Allow you to create role-based access that controls user access to records and changes
  5. Also attach digital documents like electronic copies of business documents or scanned copies of signed
  6. Maintain revenue recognition for all sales transactions
  7. Receive immediate notification when revenue is due to be recognized
  8. Manage recurring billing process for subscription and maintenance based revenue streams
  9. Ensure Sophisticated Expense management by reducing redundant steps in accounting process